Call for Data Speakers

List of precon speakers

If you are an event owner and you would like to locate pre-conference and training day speakers for particular topics, you may not have the contacts to be able to find them. The following speakers are interested in presenting paid pre-conference/training day sessions. You can view their sessions and get in touch with them via their Sessionize profile page using the links below.
The list below can be filtered by clicking any of the Topic or Region buttons or using the search bar.

Adding yourself to the resource

We would love to add you to this list. We particularly want to encourage newer and less well-known speakers to add themselves. If you wish to add yourself, please create an issue on Github, fill in the form and the web-page will be automatically updated.

Promote the resource

This resource will only be useful if event owners and potential speakers are aware of it so we would be grateful if you share this resource via social media.

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